Up and running 2 - Booting the system

OK, you’ve got the software and files installed in part 1. You can now boot the system for the first time.

Start Hercules and a 3270 console


Boot from the emulated disk


Start the boot process

boot step 2

00007 MTS ** Just cancel after you have checked the offline devices.


*** Cancelled ***
00019 MTS PEEK initialization complete

Start the batch scheduler and user terminals

Ready for use

Congratulations, you now have a running MTS system! Move on to the next section for a brief tour of how to use MTS.

More information

Take a look at the file README-D6.0A.txt in the D6.0A distribution if you have problems during the boot process or want to learn more about what it is doing. This is also available online at the MTS archive.

I’ve also written a more detailed look at the start-up process in this post.


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